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About Us

Sri Hari Om Jewelers is among one of certified silver bullion dealers in the country located in Chennai, specializing in bars and coins of precious metal like Silver. Sri Hari Om Jewelers laid its first step into the bullion market in the year 2002. With its unique order matching platform it facilitates efficient consumer and small business transactions Sri Hari Om Jewelers specializes in the buying and selling of silver, particularly bullion and it offers a full catalogue of silver products.

Our Products

→ Silver Bar

→ Silver Patla

Their combined knowledge and experience has been instrumental in making Sri Hari Om Jewellers as a company where the clients return time and time again.


→ Profitable growth through superior customer service, quality and commitment


→ To be a leader in precious metal trading in India by making bullion available at competitive prices through customer satisfaction in every part of the country.

Sri Hari Om Jewelershad dedicated themselves to continuous improvements which enable them to meet the exacting requirements of their customers. This bond of trust has helped Sri Hari Om Jewelers attain significant feats in bullion market.


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